Within the hills of rural Vermont, exists a small country town that unexpectedly becomes the essence of summer adventure, combined with the excitement and uncertainty of youth.  Join fifteen year old Avery Wells as she steps onto the land in rugged Vermont for the first time and discovers the meaning of friendship, first-love and simplicity of nature. Walk through rolling hills, hidden fields and wooded acres with Avery as she develops a lasting   bond with six boys from the country and learns the true meaning of life, change and growing up.


 *   *   *   “Dragonflies In July” Chapter Layout:    *   *    * 

  • Chapter One                 My First Days
  • Chapter Two                 Two Dragonflies & Meeting the Guys
  • Chapter Three              Strawberry Gardens, Swamps & Sunsets
  • Chapter Four                New Arrival
  • Chapter Five                 An Afternoon at the Swimming Hole
  • Chapter Six                   Hometown
  • Chapter Seven             Falling Stars & Fireflies
  • Chapter Eight               When We’re Young
  • Chapter Nine                Town Fair
  • Chapter Ten                  Meet Me By the Cornfields
  • Chapter Eleven            Silver Glow
  • Chapter Twelve            Back Light
  • Chapter Thirteen          The Letter
  • Chapter Fourteen         A Gift
  • Chapter Fifteen             Dragonflies & Vermont Skies
  • Chapter Sixteen            When Monday Came
  • Chapter Seventeen      Under the October Moon
  • Chapter Eighteen          My Last Days

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"Dragonflies In July" Story, front & back cover design & chapter layout by: Danielle Koziol